Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Layouts

Hi You ALL,
Hope that you are all very well and are having a nice day!!

I am posting these layouts today, because I suddenly realised that I am way behind on Megan's school album. These are the last two layouts of her primary school album, the first one is her grade 7 page. I tried not to use red at all, because of the uniform that is red, then I took the class photo and cut it up in pieces and fitted them to suit my layout.

This is her sixth grade page, the frames were real cheapies that time not really nice, but I used them and used some rub-ons to jazz it up and of course I needed a flower, always.

The second page of this double layout, again the class photo, I kept it all in one this time just added a border with twirl and stamped on it.
So, I really need to pull myself towards myself and get the rest done, she is in grade 9 already, so it is 2 years behind.
I think the reason for me taking so long, is the fact that it actually took my a while to adjust to the fact that she was going to High School.
It is really warm today, already 30 degrees, it is suppose to be spring, but we hopped right to summer it seems.
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
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  1. lovin' those school LOs!!!! Found you as a follower of Ann's blog so I thought I'd hop on in and follow you too :) Hope you can make it to our online mini-crop at PIT this weekend. Look forward to seeing more of your fabulous work!! :D


  2. WOW You ARE organised!
    My son climbed into the car today and told me a girl from his class had brought all her old class photos to school, and everyone was reminiscing....they're in gr7 (final year before high school- only 1 term to go). So when we reached home, I got the dreaded "where are all my class photos, Mom?" Well, I managed to scrounge a few randoms,- that kept him quiet for a while. I should really take some pointers from you! Having boys, I never thought to build up any keepsakes. :-(
    Yours are absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Well done on the catch up Tania! We all do our best to keep up & that is the best we can do. I love your idea of cutting up the school class photo - much more interesting! & not using any red - you really are stretching yourself which is great ;-D

  4. Hi...the crop at Pages In Time is virtual. Online crop on the forum..hope to see you there. They have chat there too, will help you out with your blog then too if you still need help.