Saturday, September 19, 2009

Webster's Way

Hallo, everybody!!
I have done it, Webster's way,eventually, this was DIFFICULT!!
Like I said, I find it hard to scrap with paper, which is pre-designed like these ones, BUT the paper is so pretty, I just had to do it!
So, I need your comments please, HELEN where are you? What do you think?
And yes, I made it double, once again, I don't like single that much.
I used ink, distressed the paper, only the ones under my photos, added glitter and dimensional gloss here and there.
Hmm, I think I will use WEBSTER'S again:)
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
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  1. well done, I think you accomplished a creative, well balanced look.
    Very pretty.
    Enjoy the rest of your day too.

  2. Hi Tania

    Popping in from Durbs ... I also battle to use Webster's Pages - they are soooo busy ... but you did a great job ...

    P.S. Mailed you instructions on how to copy pic from our blog ...

    Love, Tracy G

  3. Oooh I likey likey Tania!!! I think you have done a great job ;-D Where am I LOL? Can't a girl get a day off around here ROFL!!! Lots of Space within WP busy sides to do jmust what you did...very nice, way better than busy all over & saves cutting out all the elements & sticking them around the sides. WP Rocks the socks...

  4. thanks to everybody who commented on this page, i feel inspired to give websters another try;)