Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New addition to my scraproom

New members in my scraproom, a little glass flowerpot, with 5 guppies in, but there is a story to tell. . .
Last week Monday we went to visit a friend who was in hospital, she as a huge pot filled with guppies, I instantly fell in love with this idea, so the next I went to the Pet Shop and bought 16 guppies.
Put in some stones and a little plastic plant, filled the pot with water and in with the guppies, little did I know, how bad our water really is!!
That evening at 9, all 16 of them. . .dead:(
12 of them were in a separate pot and then the other 4, but they ALL died!!
So the next day, I went again, only bought 5, cleaned the pot, filled it with FILTERWATER and added a real plant and they are
still ALIVE and KICKING!!
Now, I have a smaller pot with only 2 guppies on a shelve in my kitchen, love them.
I introduced a friend to scrap booking this week, she is a stay-at-home-mom now and she
is really BORED at home. SO, this is where I am taking her on the 10th of OCTOBER
I like Amy Totty and Kellie Collins, but only Amy will be teaching this one.
I am actually excited, haven't been to a class for a long time.

Hmm, nothing else going, just that my Megan is sick,AGAIN. . .And I thought that babies and hubbies are bad patients, but teenagers are much worse, moan and groan the whole time and wants your attention the whole 24 hours!! Shame, she is suppose to run the provincial cross country trails this coming weekend in Vryburg, don't know now.

Anyways, enjoy your day!!
Hope you have planted a few seedlings!!

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  1. Hi Tania, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting... I see you're going to the Polka Dots scrap day... me too... so maybe in the crowd we can meet.