Friday, June 18, 2010

It's done!

Cleaned the house.
Done the laundry.
Made the bed.
Washed the dishes.
So now I can relax, do a post AND watch the rest of the soccer Because it is all done!!LOL!!
I have not yet missed a match except for the first day, we had no television.
The bad thing about this is that I keep on nibbling and drinking hot stuff to stay warm!
Now, that is not good for the figure at all!!
At the moment, as I am typing, I am watching Germany and Serbia and guess what??
Klose have been sent off!! Serbia have scored!!
Oh my gosh!! Germany will have to take on plan B now!
Ok,now this collage had to be on my previous post, but for some reason, Blogger was a bit difficult. So here they are, another few photos of the hockey tournament.
So,I should make a plan to do some more Fathers day shopping, will do that tomorrow morning.
Enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend!


  1. Those are fantastic photos. Did you take them? And that collage is wonderful. Did that take you forever?

  2. Fabulous pics & collage , Tania ! & lucky you enjoying the World Cup ! We didnt subscribe to the channel alas it costs too much here !

  3. I watched Germany play with Germans...boy they were not happy with their boys...but see the English also had a bad day yesterday...
    Great collage of pics Tania. I enjoyed them.

  4. Great pics Tania. Can u believe the German upset! And England losing too! Who knows where this world cup is headed?

  5. Glad you are on top of the housework lol! I've also done beds, washing up, cooking, tidying & finally some pc time for me too & a gazillion new photos to upload. Hope you are using Picasa for your collages - so easy that way - but Reilly is making great headway with my Photoshop these holidays so will have to give me some tutorials before he gets back to school! Isn't the soccer exciting? Just loving it! Getting to any matches yourself - I do hope so?!