Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She made it!!

We took Megan for her learner drivers licence today.
She was a bit nervous on our way there, but after an hour later she was all smiling.
There was 12 people in the class, only 3 did not pass the test.
Well. . . now she is allowed to drive her little scooter and this afternoon,she already wanted to drive to practice with it!
But guess what??
I drove all the way behind her and then I decided to go and fetch her too!!
She was not impressed!!
I took a warm jacket with and used that as an excuse.
I think it will take a while to come to terms with the fact that she is yet another step closer towards growing up.
Hope you were having a lovely day!
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  1. ~Congratulations you have wheels, the fun will begin....x

  2. Wow driving already! well done Megan!!!

  3. Congratulations to Megan! How exciting!! I know you must be soooo nervous too!

  4. Wow - a learner driver. Now that is scary stuff!

    Rather you than me! Congrats to Megan tho.

  5. Congrates Megan, I had no doubt that you would not pass. I know it's hard, but Tania, just give 1 small step back. you will see! Megan is 'n baie verantwoordelike jong dame, sy sal regkom! of hoe se ek Megan?

  6. Congrats to Megan ! what fun !!!