Monday, June 7, 2010

Today. . .

First of all. I need to ask you something??
Ok, do you girls eat sheep's tripe and trotters??Huh??
Am I fussy??
My dear mother in law invited us for that yesterday!! Luckily hubby informed her, to make something on the side for me!!LOL!! I can't imagine myself eating that, sorry.
Ok, enough of that, just few ramblings today:
I enjoy the quite traffic on my way to spinning in the mornings, schools are busy with exams, such a treat.
In my car,I am  currently listening to the Parletones Live CD, I do enjoy their music, just the make-up{i don't like}
I am really excited about the soccer! Will watch all the games, love the game,do you?
I am looking forward to our trip to Groblersdal, Megan playing for North West in hockey tournament.
I realised today, that I have a lot of catching up to do, photo wise.
I am reading the latest book of Francine Rivers, A Mother's Hope, stunning!
I am grateful today for all the blessings in my life, husband, daughter, health and friends like YOU!!

Have a lovely evening.

Ps: Layout to follow soooon!!


  1. YUCK would never eat that stuff, it's not food!!!

    I am also excited about the Soccer, never watch the game ~ the last time I watched was 4 years ago when German hosted the championships and were in the finals!!

  2. I wouldn't touch tripe, nor trotters etc either.
    We are driving to PE so that the family can watch Germany beat Serbia.
    I loved that book, couldn't believe it was true as I don't usually read non-fiction.
    Will pass on the parlourtones though.

  3. Don't think I could eat it. :(

  4. I have to say I used to love beef tripe & pig trotters - cooked Chinese style - & absolutely yummy ! erhms we are Chinese !!!! we eat almost anything !!!

    But these days I hardly eat pork & beef is a luxury but I have come to realise that it's perfectly healthy to NOT eat animal organs !!! teehee.

  5. I hear you on the trotter thing!!! you must be going to spinning in the AM not to have traffic [also love that quiet before the mad rush] ;-)

  6. I'm definitely with you... don't do tripe, trotters, offal.. yuck yuck yuck... and if I did I definitely wouldn't serve it to guests! What was she thinking!!!

  7. Afval...sies man!

    Loved this post Tania!

  8. No-one brought up on a western diet would touch the stuff - I can only think she was hoping for some alone time with her DS?! That is real Fear Factor material....eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuw!!! Great band the Parlotones, & the make-up is just part of their showmanship & I doubt they apply it everyday lol...