Monday, June 14, 2010

Our weekend in ACTION{pics}

How are you all?? What do you think about the soccer?? WOW!!
I missed the Bafana game, was nowhere near a television!! Had to listen over the radio!!
But last night's game of Germany!! They are cooking!! Durban's stadium is FANTASTIC!!
I think we can be proud!!
This post will only include pictures of Megan, playing hockey!
I really gave it my all,maybe you can rate my photos!!LOL!!
Enjoy and thanks for looking!


  1. She looks very good holding that hockey stick...

  2. Nothing quite like interprovincial sport at schools level. They play with so much heart! Enjoy every minute. You are a way better photographer mom than me, I usually get so involved in the game that I forget to take photo's.
    The soccer is amazing. I am not a soccer fan, but any sport played at such a high level is amazing. After last nights game I am so glad that I drew Germany at work. I think I might just have a chance at winning something at last.

  3. Great action shots Tania...she really does you proud.

  4. You did a great job with those photos Tania! Glad to have you back & hope you enjoyed your weekend! My family was at the game {except me & Cam} 'cos we could only get 4 tickets. They loved it. Our stadium is truly a work of art!

  5. Wow the photos are fantastic. Are you shooting in auto or manual?