Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first attempt at Mosaic

And I loved it!!
I enjoyed the whole process, the cutting sticking,BUT the grouting is a bit hard on the hands,hey!
I must be honest and say that this is a another craft I could get addicted to.
There are many techniques to be used and the variety of tiles are absolutely beautiful.
I bought a few more blanks to do, a little fountain, wordings and some more crosses.
Thanks for having a look:)


  1. This is one craft I would really like to try. It has always fascinated me. Your cross is beautiful.

  2. Well done, looks wonderful!!!!!!!1
    Love it, clever girl.

  3. thanks you two! tertia, you should try it:)

  4. it is gorgeous. how long did take you?

  5. Wow Tania I'm seriously impressed! It's something I've NEVER done & ALWAYS wanted to do, and funnily enough I have just found out about a lady who does workshops at her house some mornings & have her details. Must get around to phoning her & going. Just not in a good place mentally right now..too tired!

  6. Stunning...I am crazy about these arty crosses.

  7. Stefanie, it took me about 3 days, one for clipping the tiles, next to stick and down and lastly to grout and dry.
    Helen you should give it try.
    Thanks Lynette, for the comment.I want to do a wall in my house, filled with different crosses.

  8. admirable patience you have for this new craft ! Not sure if I would ! But I definitely love what you created here !

  9. Stunning... I am not even attempting mosaics.. but it sure does look pretty. Well done.