Monday, June 20, 2011

A Monday Post and {Megan's American Landscapes}

Hallo Everybody!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you spoiled the dads rotten.  We went to visit hubby and enjoyed the weekend with him, we left after lunch yesterday and arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  I went through Megan's thousand's of photos of her trip to America and picked a few landscapes that I liked, so these are all from her camera just as it was. I love all the contrasting colours and can't believe that snow and winter can make a place look so grim at some times.

I came home to a half empty spinning class this morning, can't believe that the cold can make people sooo lazy, but anyhow, I will have another class this afternoon at least:)

I have to help Megan to do a project for Art and Design again, she always leave until the last minute!! She made the plans and drew up the shopping list, I must go and buy the material and then we must start,today!! She must hand it in on Thursday!!

Friday evening, they are leaving for Sodwana, they are going on a church camp, the grade elevens.  They are so looking forward to this adventure and for sure there are some kids that can do with some conversation with God, really. I don't know where some kids are going.  I know of so many sad stories that happened this term, it is scary!!

I am busy cleaning and washing, then the ton of ironing awaits me:( The work of a housewife really is a never ending cycle.

I linked up with a few old school friends the past month or so, it is wonderful to see them and how they have changed and the families they have, some are really happy and then some of them already went through the staged of divorce too and to my surprise some of them are not married at all!! oh my!!lol!!

This weekend, while at my husband, we took a trip to Dullstroom, have you ever been there?? Do yourself and Google this little place, it is BEAUTIFUL. It was my second time to visit there, and I just LOVE it,really. Very cold, but all the houses are build country style and have fireplaces and the whole tootie! And the little shops are divine, expensive, but worth shopping with the eyes too! I forgot to take my camera, as it was in my car and we left with my husbands car. But next time...

I told in my previous post that I have done some scrappy shopping, it is all still in the bags, waiting to be unpacked, I will do that!! And of course show you, but I think in your eyes it will already be "OLD STOCK" lol!! I am very behind when it comes to scrapbooking.

                                              This coming weekend hubby is coming home,
                                                          it is also my dad's birthday.
                                                      OK, enough chatting, I must move!!
                                                     things to do and places to go!!lol!!

                                     YOU ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!


  1. awesome pics , hun !!! Did I see snow ? wow !

  2. Megan took some stunning photos...are you going to scrap them in a mini album of her US tour?

  3. What a good question,mini album is maybe the best option. I should just take a bunch and do it!!

  4. Wow some truly beautiful photos there Tania & lovely to catch up with all your news - I really am happy that you are blogging again & by the sounds of things you are sounding a lot happier for it!