Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Must show you this!!

Hallo you all!!
This is what I want to show you...this is our first project as a quilting group.  We will be starting this within the next 3 weeks. Our teacher is going to Cape Town on a course and it also gives us the time to get our materials in order. I must drive all the way to Pretoria to get some lovely material, same as with the scrapbooking. I want the same colours or at least similar to the original.  It is called Autumn House and designed by Bunny Hill designs. We are done with our beginners class and all the other ladies are stitching their blocks together now, but I decided not to that, since all the designs was not in my taste. Other than scrapbooking, I must admit I found my style in quilting within the first three lessons, I am a traditional quilter and I LOVE the applique and paper piecing the most!! The three dimensional stars and things....not me;)

So I have my little bag packed!!lol!! One needle and a 20g 4 thread ball of wool, for tomorrow's crochet class. I did not tell hubby that I was going for this class, I want to spook him with my end result, when we visit him this weekend.
Oh, and did I tell you my laptop is broken?? Seems as though I might be able to claim from my insurance,lets hold the thumbs!!
Sweet dreams:)


  1. It is beautiful, can't wait to see what yours looks like.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous...a very big task you took on here.

  3. Adding you back into my address book now that you have come alive again! What a clever idea keeping it a secret - sure hubs will be bowled over!! Great that you have found your style so early on & yay to insurance on the laptop :) let's pray!!

  4. OMG that is the cutest quilt I've seen in ages - you must be so excited! oh and good luck with the Crochet class - If you get it right them I'm visiting for lessons!!!