Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, so I am feeling bit better today!! yay!! Thanks to some comments you left, I am feeling better!!
Had a great spinning workout yesterday and this morning, my friend presented the class and it was a blast!! This afternoon it is my turn for class, I am going to compile a new cd today, need some gooood music!!
I took this photo from the Olifants Camp in the Kruger Park, last weekend, when we went for another visit with my  husband, this Megan was also with us, so she could enjoy it too. I think I could go there another 10 times or maybe more?lol!! On our way back, I stopped at a scrapbooking shop and did some shopping, that also felt sooo good.  So, I will be taking some photos of that this afternoon.
Last night i started sorting my magazines!! What do you do with mags piled up from the past 8-10 years?? I packed it all into boxes and shuffed it into hubbies storeroom;) Hope he wont mind.xx
I mean it is all types of magazines, scrapbooking, fitness and health, home, garden, do one just throw them away or what??
This is really an addiction, magazines, the cover usually does it for me!! then i just grab it!! Oh and cooking and baking magazines, I LOVE them.
I made a TO DO list for today, i NEED to focus on that and get the things done!! I know by keeping busy it is good for the soul:)
Tomorrow I am going to my quilting group in Hartebeespoortdam, yes all the way from Rustenburg to quilt, but they are a lovely group of ladies:) and our teacher is GREAT!! Then on Thursday, now don't laugh, I am going to a crochet class, yes, R60 bucks to get somebody to teach me that!! I WANT TO!! And then the afternoon, Megan and the team is playing a hockey match at the school and then on Friday, we are going to HUBS!xx Another roadtrip me and Megs;)
So you have a beautiful day,speak to you all sooooon!!


  1. So happy to hear you chirpy again! You see it is because you have a goal for every day & are making a list - that is so vital to keep us focused & motivated! Now on the magazines I used to have the same problem as you then when we left Zimbabwe I was faced with so many & gave them all away to doctor's rooms & preschools for cutting, because they are heavy & how likely are you to refer to them again? I know there is so much in there that we want but do we get around to doing it? I keep my scrappy & cooking mags but not the others. Once they are over a month old - even if I haven't read them all - they go with my daughter to school for recycling. I figure I'm not going to have a huge backlog pile. I've done that system for 5 years now & it works a treat. I never feel burdened or bogged down by them and I also try to be more selective now too. I buy the Heat for a bit of fun every week as it's easy to read in an hour one evening, then it goes up to my daughter's room for when she comes home on vac - then when she goes back they all go to school for recycling :) Then I subscribe to a few scrappy mags that I am keeping at the moment (but sure I will have a giveaway on my blog of the older ones next year!) Go for it with the crochet - have you seen the cool handmade doilies everyone is using on their scrapbook pages these days? So cool!!

  2. You are sounding so much more happy. Keeping busy will help you a lot.