Monday, November 9, 2009

A bit of this and that. . .

Hallo girlfriends,

I am in my scrap room, while typing this post, no, not busy scrapping, busy finding some space to scrap, honestly, I am now getting irritated with myself, not putting things away immediately,my husband wanted to phone the police this afternoon, thought we had a break-in.LOL!! Takes me about 2 hours to organize the room in such a state that i can actually do something.

I want to make a few Christmas cards, bit on a low with the ideas, but I have some lovely paper to play with.

This weekend on our local radio station, Jacaranda 94.7 I won a competition, they featured Celine Dion as their artist for the weekend, you could choose a song, then they phone you and you can leave a message,but that is not all, I also got her latest cd!! Yay!! She is my number one female artist of all times:)

I bought my little dragon a zen fountain this weekend, he just absolutely LOVES it, he sits on the rocks in the water for about half an hour at the time, I think he likes the sound of the running water. Too cute.

Today, as I was cleaning my house, I had lots of things going through my mind. . .

I thought about some of our bloggy friends that are having some difficulties right now, hope that you are all feeling better:) Things will turn out for the best.

I thought of Christmas, the shopping that goes along with it, I don't know what to get everybody, I know my dad would love a new fishing rod.
Megan wants a new I-pod, oh goodie, the poor bank balance:(
DH is the difficult one, he buys what he wants when he needs it, himself, so what can I get him??
We cannot go on the Aramis-train agaaaain!!

I thought about the new music that I need for my spinning-classes, I get so tired of my music, too quickly and when you buy a cd, usually you can only use 2 or 3 of the songs.

I thought of my husband's newly found son, have not heard a word from him for a while now??
I keep on e-mailing him, but hear nothing:(

Shame,my dog is very droopy today, eyes,ears, tail, everything is hanging.

Megan needs to go to the physiotherapist tomorrow, she has a nagging foot.
I need to get my material for the Iris page, cannot find something nice, maybe it is just me, so use to buying paper, not material, but I will do that in the week.

I better finish-up here, sweet dreams you all!x


  1. my craft room also scary!
    Music is also good for mens gifts...even a voucher from music shop.
    shame maybe your doggy has been feeling your lack of motivation.....or maybe he also needs a fountain :-)
    Have you watched the youtube video of Celine and Barbra Streisand doing a song together? I can't remember now, what the name is, but will pass it on as soon as I find it.
    Hope you post some pics of the cards you make.

  2. will post my first card, still today, thanx carol.

  3. I had trouble scrapping lately because my room is such a mess...but I am sitting on the floor now...purging.

  4. i recently had a big tidy up in my scrap space and am loving the feeling of openness and space!

    Also stumped re Christmas pressie for DH - he is a serious gadget man but he has everything already!

  5. Tania I really enjoyed that sounds so "real" & I enjoyed being part of your thoughts. Will you consider changing your settings so that this comment area shows up embedded under the post rather than separately as then I forget what I want to say as I can't look back at the post at the same time - it is in the settings under "Comments" ek dink...I think if we are all honest we have the same problem with our scrapping areas although I did have to laugh at your husband thinking you had had a break in LOL!!! My desk is buried right now which is why I haven't done a layout yet this week. I don't have enough space so everything I think of doing or that I buy gets plonked onto the desk then when I have some time to scrap it takes me AT LEAST half an hour just to tidy it up & put everything away in the right spot before I can even begin!!! Congrats on winning a prize - that is so cool!!! And as for the guys' gifts...I was also looking at the Aramis at Dischem...oh dear...hehehe...