Tuesday, November 10, 2009

layout of US and Christmas card.

Here is the recent photo of me and my
husband, I enjoyed myself with this new
range of American Craft paper.

Up next,my first addition to some Christmas cards.

Sorry, my layout got cut off a bitty there,hope you like and are having a nice day!x


  1. I love that photo of the two of you. It is the one you took in Parys isn't it? Your choice of papers are spot on again...lovely layout!

  2. lovely layout and card... I got that exact same Christmas paper ... so we must have both bought it at the polka dot party! hehe.

  3. awesome! the LO is just perfect! and I love the card too.

  4. thanks, lynette, the weekend in parys and guess what? we are going agaaain!!LOL!
    yes cathy, the same day, at the polka party, remember you bought a whole heap of goodies:)
    Thanx carol, i told you i would post;)

  5. Oh Tania these are just brilliant! I love the layout AND the card - I can just see you as the next big scrapbooking "icon" at this rate - you go girl!;-D

  6. Lovely LO. The paper is gorgeous. You've really used it well.

    The paper from the card is super cute too.

    Well done clever scrappy lady.

  7. I really like this layout- so detailed and creative! The card is wonderful too!!!