Monday, November 2, 2009

I was inspired by. . .

Hallo everybody,
I recently bought the Craftwise, they featured a layout of the popular Retha van Heerden.
She was the owner of Scraptifity, but are busy with some new ventures. By the way, she had a GREAT shop, with a coffee shop, where hubby can wait, while you hit the target of the credit card.LOL!!
Ok, she used a similar photo, just more close-up, therefore, I made a few changes, to keep the focus on my photo.
I named my page ALWAYS, and then added the words dream, believe and grow and right at the edge, laugh.
The challenge of this page is to leave your chipboard blank, which I never do, but this time I did.
Oops, can you see that I went a bit skew there at the top, I hate mistakes like that, but the glue was stuck already.
I took this picture over the weekend at the place where we stayed in Parys,
she was actually on her way to the real spot, where I wanted to take a shot, but this one worked for me. I am trying my best with these singles, not that bad, after all.:)
The paper are from my archives, EK SUCCSESS, few years back.
Also mixed the bling with a bit of vintage buttons.
Hope you likey.
Sweet dreams.
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  1. Lovely Tania! That photo is gorgeous, I was also a bit suspect of bare chipboard initially but now I like it LOL!! Yours looks great...and you did a single - Go you!

  2. Very nice layout... well done. Don't worry too much about the "mistakes"... just say it's a new technique!

    BTW Scraptifity is closed... sorry to disappoint.... boo hoo!

  3. very pretty!
    Hope you're gonna do an LO of the pic of you and hubby!

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog! You scrappers in South Africa are quite a force!