Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today. . .

I realised that I am Very tired, body is aching. . .I need a rest;)

I realised that i need to get to the hairdresser. . .hair is getting flat on top, I hate that(going at 10)

I realised that some situations are more difficult that I thought they would be(me digging into the past) not going so well:(

I realised that my little hands actually looks nice without me chewing on their nails. . .you did not know that about me hey?? yes I chew my nails.

I also come to realise that my household is completely falling apart because of this computer and the stash in my scrap room, BUT that I decided that I would rather AGAIN dig into that today.LOL!!

I realised that these cyber friends of mine are actually so amazing and that they and the few on my one hand is ALL i need. Why be pretentious?? Just be yourself.

Hmm, in about 45 min I must , yes MUST go present a spinning class with this aching body of mine, Thania is going to Joburg, fetching entries for the 94.7 cycle race.

By now I can actually feel already that it is going to be on HOT summers day.

Shaaaaayne!!! I need some cupcakes, great energy boost!!LOL!!

Helen, your package in the post will be a GREAT uplift today,oohhh hope it is there;)

I met a new friend today, Tina, from Australia, will add her on today, so you can go visit toooo!!

Oh my gosh!! the biggest thing I came to realise is that my toenails are still painted piiiiink and greeeen from the weekend, Megan did it and made me promise to leave it for the weekend, really need to take it off.

Ok, you have GREAT day!!
Love you all!!


  1. hehe; a big day for realisations for you today :-)
    Open your mouth, here, I'm sending you a delicious energy-packed muffin! Taste good?

    Enjoy your spinning and the head massage at the salon. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Enjoy the spinning...maybe that is just what you aching body needs.

    Digging into the past always reveals things that appear to be difficult...sometimes dealing with them is the best...then you can move on.

  3. Yay you got the comment box opening under the post - good on you - my memory is awful...can't remember what I want to say unless I keep scrolling back up LOL! I also love Rhonna - just seen your sidebar thingie...if anyone will get me digi scrapping it'll be her...I don't even want to dowload those freebies all the digi-sites keep offering me, just to take up space on my computer, I want all her stuff!!! Try to take a day or two off exercising if possible to give your body some time to repair. My nails are a disgrace - not because I bite them but just because I do so much with my hands that there is always paint or something under them! I am also spring cleaning my scrappy space - oh joy! Will be worth it in the end...and my favourite part of your post..."don't be pretentious - just be yourself"...for some reason this just doesn't seem possible for everyone but to me it is the best quality in a person.

  4. thanks for the muffin carol,lovely!LOL!
    feeling much better today, getting the weekend feeling:)