Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the LOVE of Fashion!!

Hallo Everybody:)
Can anybody relate to the latest craze in fashion??
Painting your toenails each a different colour?LOL!!
Ok, then talking about the colours, they are the weirdest looking colours,
they come in the pinkest of pink, metallic purple, Greeeen, yes like the grass, who would paint their toes green?
No,I must admit,these toes of dearest Megan, don't look too bad at all,this is the
latest ritual in our home, painting toenails and I also had my turn this weekend,
I had to sit and relax and was not allowed a word, I got the Greeeen and Orange!LOL!!

My husband refused to go to the shops with me, but I made a promise to leave it for the weekend, i kept my promise.LOL!!
So which one are YOU, the more subtle one or the adventurous one, painting it all in COLOUR for the LOVE of Fashion??


  1. well why not? it's easy to remove if I change my mind.
    some days I'll be adventurous and some days very plain and boring

  2. Much too lazy to go to all that trouble.

    Had a good laugh about your DH that did not want to be seen with you:)

    Sooooo....where is the pic of the toes?

  3. LOL!! lets leave those pictures in a folder in the archive,lynette.
    sure carol, i think with the right outfit it will look nice,but with the weather here,currently my toes are blue!it is bitterly cold here.

  4. Well I got the yellow & blue treatment myself last weekend - these girls of ours are obviously on the same wavelength...then I actually bought myself the green at Clicks the other day...but it is a very pretty green...quite pale & metallic & I know I like I'm gonna buy it (got my cash back vouchers LOL!) I am quite happy with bright or deep colours (even do the black occasionally) but only on da toes! But my favourite for the hands is the french polish. Milky white & pale pink - it really always looks the best ;-D

  5. Hi Tania!

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)
    You are a beautiful scrapper, you should have a go at one of my challenge sites
    ARTastic =


    From SCreen 2 SCrap =

    Would love to see you have a go at one of the challenges.

    Keep in touch!

    I will be back to read through your blog a little bit more intensley.

    Take care