Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Rush and Monday Blues

Hallo everybody!
What a weekend!! One with NO rest.
It started off, with yet another *Sweet Sixteen* birthday party.
These parties are getting too much and this one's venue,was at terrible spot{bad road to drive} and way out of town.
Then on Saturday we went to watch Megan's team play hockey,{shame,they lost,real bad}but I still love to watch them play.
After the match,hubbie and I had to leave for Johannesburg{meet and eat at the new company}
I was not really up to it, but had a nice time,BUT was a bit ammused by some old ladies having TOO much to drink!
Imagine this: lady,in her sixties and her husband doing the Dirty dancing,while we were eating!LOL!!
I laugh at it now, but then, I was actually a bit disgusted,really,why should a woman drink so much, the lady next to me had a total of 8 beers{Black Label}
I actually felt a bit out of place, I do not drink {wine per occasion}but I really need to be in the mood and i don't smoke at all!!
They were all going"GROOT" hey.
Enough about that!
Then on Sunday{can you believe it?on a Sunday?}they organised the North West Hockey trials in Potchefstroom,so there we went again.
From 11 the morning till 5 that afternoon, the kids were totally paste!
Coming home, we all just had a bath and got into bed.

That was my weekend!
Mondays are always a bad day, when it comes to cleaning,the"don't put down,put away "rule STILL does NOT apply in my house, so on Mondays I first have to put away, before I can start the cleaning,but I managed evetually:)

Got this photo on Google, THIS is my next movie at the cinema{whenever I get the chance of course}
Sorry, I have not yet uploaded my photos{made some cards and keyholders}will do that tonight:)
I hope for you all to have a splendid week!
Off to the washing now!{:(}


  1. Hi Tania

    I've just sent you 2 emails . let me know if you didnt get them & I'll come back to post a message on your blog.

    Strange , never had this problem before ! ;)

  2. Eeek! That is a very busy weekend. You need a break:)

    I also plan to see Alice in Wonderland soon.

  3. Sounds like not much time to yourself this weekend! I know how you feel - I drove to Joburg to my cousin's babyshower & helped with the preparations non-stop - and photographed throughout the event - then helped tidy it all up, jumped into bed, packed & left again....crazy! I also want to see Alice in Wonderland but am a bit apprehensive as I've heard it's a much "darker" take on the original...