Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Card share.

Ok, this first card,might seem a bit familiar to one of my friends in blogland{this was the card ment to arrive at your box,sorry,again}

The rest of the cards I made from leftover paper and scraps.
The little owl card, I got the owl from a gift bag,bought at Clicks and the green part with the writing on, is packaging from Prima goodies!!LOL!!
Thanks for having a lookie:)


  1. I love the colourful cards...I have a feeling the choice of colours in our creations tell a lot about ourselves...what do you think?

  2. Absolutely Lynette, I love colour!! Dullness does not appeal to me.
    thanks for looking:)

  3. Beautiful cards well done. wish i had the patience to do cards!

  4. I showed my daughter in law, sister in law, daughters your work, even I am totally blown away at the detail and all the effort you put into your scrapbooking, you have such a gift and I am so pleased that I have TWO of your magical works that I am going to hang on my wall in Germany...and then show you a photo...what size are they - need to find a frame...xx
    Thank you so very much...I love them so have no idea.

  5. So many gorgeous cards & I love the Friends one with the birdie & the flowers the most - please let me know what that lovely background paper is {manufacturer/line} X