Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random {little things}

Currently, my tastebuds gets tickled by the following:
Wilsons, Caramel squares and I find myself tempted to buy that very looong box.LOL!

In our grocerie cupboard I always have 3 bottles of tomatoe sauce,why?
I like All Gold tomatoe sauce,
Hubby likes Wimpy tomatoe sauce,
Megan likes Heinz Ketch Up.{crazy little family}

In the mornings{after spinning session} i MUST have a cup of Nescafe Cappacino,but these days I seem to struggle to find it in stock at the shops.

The best part of doing washing,is the smell of the Sta Soft{just love that clean smell.}

I also noticed today,that I have 2 white elephants standing in my house, one is the dishwasher and two is the tumbledryer, the dishwasher i only use on occasions,{then, i only pack in the plates and cutlery} pots and pans, I do myself, and the tumbledryer, I only use for towles,{scared the rest would shrink}

Ok, a tip. . .did you know? That all Woolies "diet products" are Aspartame* FREE. I saw this, for the first time, this morning{had to get some rolls}and when you read this blog,but do go back a few posts,you will read all about this ingredient in our products.

Lastly, do you watch American Idols?? I do!! AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE: CASEY JAMES
Ok, but really, what is NOT to like?

Thanks for letting me share


  1. Glad to see your spirits are up...and things are going well.

  2. I don't watch Idol but I guess I should start watching cause you could just melt in those blue eyes!!

  3. You sound upbeat! Oooh those caramels are rather moreish aren't they? I can't even LOOK in their direction or all resistance crumbles...I can totally relate to everyone having their own personal favourites so you can imagine what MY grocery cupboard looks like!!! A diet tip for the cappucino {which isn't hard to find so may have to send you some...} is to just use HALF - then at least you can enjoy 2 for the calories of one. Not quite as decadent but worth it if you're dieting...just shake a bit of each into 2 mugs , keeping the sachet moving from one to the other constantly so that you get a good mix of milk powder/coffee in each otherwise one is all coffee & the next is all milk!

  4. Chuckle... I was just chatting to hubby about those caramel squares the other day and how I haven't had them in ages! PS: tumble dryers are great for jeans - if you take them out just as they finish they need very little ironing ;-)

  5. Love this post...full of interesting things...

    Thanks for linking my blog to your....I also noticed that Woolworths has no Aspartame in their products, as does a few of the diet products in Checkers and Pick n Pay, but you have to read..
    For example the Doritos Sweet Chilly chips has it in...Flings has MSG in them and we give them to our little people..
    I am surprised where this is hiding..even in Herbalife shake!!!!! I was so shocked at that one...so keep reading your labels...I have an on line group and I encourage the members to share when they find it in a product to warn each other...

  6. Tumble driers are a magnificient invention - just about anything can be tumble dried and the bonus is that you don't need to iron what ever comes out!

    LOVE those Wilson Caramels, in fact had a box just the other day!