Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A bit of a heavy heart

I love these daily inspiration by Nubia{here is another one for you}

This week has been hectic in all ways,I mean ALL WAYS.

Last Tuesday, we had the Super 16 athletics, it was so hot, it was unbearable for the kids. The school itself did not do so well, but let me tell you, we have a country filled with kids with huge talent. Megan participated in the Biathlon the next day, she made the North West team, the SA championships are being held in Bloemfontein over the holidays. Ok,then over the weekend she went to the North West athletics championships, she unfortunately did not make it, but did very well, because she enters at a year older. They also had hockey trials this week, she made the under 16A team. When it comes to sport this child of mine has no end, SHE LOVES IT WITH ALL HER HEART.

Then, hubbies holiday is on its end AND he decided he is NOT going back!! He made a HUGE career change, I am very nervous and I pray to God that he is making the right decision. I understand the fact that he had his time on the mine,enduring a lot of stress and responsibility,but me?? I don't see him doing anything else!!This is going to be a HUGE challenge.

Currently I am feeling that i am wasting time these days, on a very low when it comes to fill a 24 houred day, cannot seem to focus. To top it all I had a fight with my Best friend, it was a total misunderstanding and it is sorted, but i feel TERRIBLE:(

I hope that the rest of the week will turn out to be better, I know, I am complaining with the white bread under the arm, but I feel wasted.

I read so many blogs, they are sure all so cheery and inspirational!! What the hec is wrong with me?? Anyways, I am off to the tub now,fill it up with bubbles and just SOAK it all off.

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy your evening


  1. So sorry that you are feeling a bit offish...hope the good soak did you a lot of good. Sending big {{hugs}}.

  2. We all have times like this, do not despair.

    Good luck to DH, he must know in his heart he is doing the right thing, otherwise he would not have done it.


  3. Thanks ever for keeping it real , Tania !!!

    it's just not true that everyone else's blog is soo nice & cheery & all that ! alas for me I cannot share what is crabby & dreary in my little end of the world. But let's just say that what I have gone thru' the last 10 yrs or so - yes the worst decade of my life - is akin scientifically to having gone thru' terminal cancer in the family & thats all I can say . Believe you me it aint all starry goodness.Life does go on for me but I certainly have never thought of suicide nor do I have major cases of depression . So thank God for creative therapy in scrappin' !!!

  4. Hello Tania

    I so can understand why you feeling the way you are, such big changes in your live and it will not only effect hubby but the rest of the family. I do hope he discussed it with you first so that the two of you came to this together.

    I too have a stressful day...my daughter has to appear in court today...oh long long story....but if she gets a record its going to change her life forever..I am a total stress ball right now.

  5. There is nothing wrong with you my dear! I've had my time of moaning on the blog but have decided against it this year because it didn't make me feel better lol! Life is not easy even for those who seem like they have it all together. They are just better actors. My GP (Mr. Perfect that all the girls fancied) with a gorgeous wife & 2 beautiful little girls, shot himself in the head yesterday between patients, in his rooms...Life is hard...and sometimes too many things come at us all at once & we need to do just what you did - take a long hot bath! I also recomment a Betasleep (sleeping pill) & an early night & lie-in...does wonders for restoring one's equilibrium!