Monday, May 31, 2010

A brrrrr Monday and a {layout}

Today is very cold.
For once, my ironing is up to date.
In a steaming pot on the stove is soup, the smell of it makes me hungry,can not wait.
Cleaned the  house, did some catch-up on some of my blogs that I follow.
I have ear-ache, just like a baby, think I might have caught a cold,while away this weekend,but it hurts real bad.
I have a layout to share.  Since I have not scrapped for quite a long time, I decided to do the following:
I follow MANY Scrapbook blogs and there are so many scrapbookers that truly inspire me. So, I will feature one every week, take a layout from her and do a scrap lift on that page.
This week, I chose Michelle Lanning, with this cute shoes layout. I did not have all the trimmings,but I had this photo for ages, 3 years to be exact, Megan bought this pair of shoes, while on a school trip in Lesotho. I loved them and had to take a picture.

I got a Big Surprise on Thursday, hubby spoiled me rotten. Now, I am not the type of person that brags, but this is a show off, you want to see??

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  1. I have also done all my ironing, and not going into hospital anymore as its once again been cancelled...
    Nothing is cooking on my stove at the moment...but will be later..chicken and veggie bake in the oven....yummy cant wait for dinner time.
    I have NO ear ache so feel sorry for you - what I do have is a feeling of having blocked ears from time to time....hate that feeling.
    Great layout once again....
    Cant open that link!!!!

  2. Marcellie, I have just tested it again, please try again:)

  3. Love your layout...such cute shoes.

  4. Sooo cute - the shoes & the layout & yes I want to see what you got! Go on - have a brag will ya?! Hope you got some anti-biotics for that earache or you'll be like a bear with a sore head by now! You don't owe me anything for CD. The postage went up in April & I've been putting in a bit extra each month but the rate is always changing so not a big deal. Will send your kit asa I can find the envelopes! There is scrap stuff EVERYWHERE right now - just brought it all in from the shed today to pack my cupboards so hopefully I|'ll locate them tomorrow! Get well soon & congrats on the ironing - keep it up!

  5. I hope your earache has resolved ! oh dear !

    Such a lovely layout & pic on shoes !!love all the details you've used !