Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleeping with one eye open. . .

This is exactly what is happening.  Even as I sleep,my one eye does not close properly,scary,hey??
At least i can be on watch during the night.LOL!! Call it night shift. Well, at least I can still laugh a bit about my situation,but to tell you the truth, this afternoon, after spinning{yes,I can still exercise}I just burst out in tears!! At the moment I am feeling angry, irritated and . . . numb.
I am taking my pills{although I can't bear the thought of the after affects of this medication}but cannot tell if I can feel a difference yet,maybe I am too rushed!! I am always rushed!!
This came at a wrong time{sure there is no "right"time for this}but not now!!
You know, the interesting part of this situation is,when something bad hits us, one seem to quickly take stock of LIFE.
Asking the question:  Am I LIVING LIFE?? To the FULLEST??
I think, we should everyday,grab every second,every minute,every hour.
I want to stop waiting for the right moment, I want to do MORE!!
This is only 5 things, which came to mind right now.


  1. Tania when I was diagnosed with MS the beginning of this year I felt the same, its how we go towards healing and accepting and making the most of our situation as we have so much to be grateful for..
    I understand and am standing next to you with this...

  2. Tania you will get through this. You know you will for yourself and your family. My father in law had the same thing happen to him. At first they thought he had a stroke. In time and with prayers he did get better. Take it one day at a time and live each day to its fullest!

  3. I know somebody that had Bell's a few times already...it is usually also brought on by too much stress. Look after yourself my friend.

  4. Oh Tania I will be praying very hard for you. You will get better soon. Our Lord never fails. Stay strong sweetie.

  5. So sorry Tanya...hope your situation is improving...you are a lovely & positive person with a heart for the Lord - I'm sure he will answer your prayers! It is easier said than done but you sometimes have to be selfish to protect yourself first & foremost. Just sometimes by saying no or giving yourself priority for the sake of your sanity & health.