Friday, May 28, 2010

Sorry, Under Construction

Sorry, been a bad, bad blogger, BUT I had my computer sent in for some construction work done!!
Please bare with me!! See I have already lost one follower!! Pleaaaase don't go!!
I have lost some of my programmes, they had to recover them, will be back in business sooon!
Going to Klein Kariba this weekend.
Looking forward to watching the Super 14 Final!! Go Bulls!!
Megan on a hockey team building in Potchefstroom this weekend and it is VERY cold there.
Managed to do at least one layout, can you believe it?? Will share on Monday, since i have to reinstall my Picasa program and reload Adobe Elements.
And just to tell you that i do miss you, I can at least share a poem:

Flowers leave their fragrance on the Hand that Bestows them.

There's an old Chinese proverb that if practiced each day
Would change the whole world in a wonderful way.
Its truth is so simple, it's easy to do,
And it works every time and successfully, too.
For you can't do a kindness without a reward
not in silver nor in gold but in joy from the Lord.
You can't light a candle to show others the way
Without feeling the warmth of that bright little ray,
And you can't pluck a rose all fragrant with dew
Without part of its fragrance remaining with you.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I'm going no when you constructed again..hehehe, I'll be waiting.

  2. oh dear ! any work necessary to do to a pc always sounds serious to me !! hope everything will be all better tho' thereafter !

    I have been offline for the past 3 days - we've been in the largest Christian conference in the world here !!! with 30,000+ attendees on some sessions ! serious crowds - & folks from 70 countries - including Africans & South Africans .

  3. I'm still here! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Ooopsie my comment just left! Here we go again...Don't worry about the followers gadget. It used to stress me out so much I eventually deleted it & now am much happier not knowing lol! Just use a sitemeter to monitor your hits & I am even thinking of getting rid of that too! A blog should be something for you to connect with the world on your own terms - that is what I have decided since I have been out of Blogland for a month!