Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She turned 16!!

So, my girl turned 16!! I cannot believe,how quickly  she has grown.
We asked her whether she wanted a party or a really nice gift, she wanted a really nice gift!!LOL!!
This is what we got her!
It just had to be pink and she was speechless.
We picked her up from school and took her to the scooter shop, her scooter had a tag on,with her name on  it, we send her to go and check the price  and when she turned the tag,she saw her name!
Now, she must study for her learners, but first it is exams.{sorry,honey bunch,first things first}
Then, I got this surprise on Tuesday!!
3 Layouts done by the very talented Pearl Liu.
They are all so very pretty, I tell you, her work is even  better in real life:)

This is the one of Megan's Valentines dress.
This one is very special, on a canvas and I love all the misting and flowers.
Thank You so much Pearl, you are a darling!!

I am starting to feel better, my eye is slowly blinking again, but my lips still numb.
Hubbies birthday tomorrow!

I got spoiled on Mothers day, got Casting Crown's cd and Francine Rivers book,loving it:)

Hope you are having a happy week!


  1. Happy 16th birthday ( to think i was 2 weeks away from giving birth to my first child ) shew...was so young hey!!

    Love love love the gift you gave her, what a lucky girl and I would also like it in PINK

    Amazing detailed scrapping you got as well...your detail to me was amazing, I am trying to frame the two you did for me -

  2. The years just fly by way too fast. I can't believe my first born is 17!
    A oink scooter, I wanted one when I was 16.
    Congrats and good luck for those pesky exams.
    Love the Misted LO's.
    Pearl is super talented.

  3. oh my ! that is an amazing 16 gift for a sweet 16 !!! beautiful colors for a scooter !

    So glad to hear the snail mail's arrived ! ;)

  4. Oh sounds wonderful - love Casting Crown's !!!
    also like the layouts & glad you feeling better ;-)

  5. Ek kan net haar gesig sien oor hierdie oulike geskenk! "Baie geluk Megan" van ons almal hier by elna!

  6. I also love Casting Crowns...congrats on your daughter's 16th...that is a wonderful gift to give her. So glad you are starting to get better.

  7. I missed this post - i've been waiting for it! How did the cake turn out???

    Very brave to buy her a scooter - but I can see just how delighted she is with it.

    Love those LO's - so so pretty and girly.

    Just bought my first Casting Crowns CD and LOVING it!

  8. So beautiful Tania! Lovely layouts. Gorgeous work & that daughter of yours is going to buy you a big house one day from all the modelling work that is on it's way!