Monday, May 3, 2010

So, here I was, thinking I am healthy??

I think, that if there is one thing I never forget to ask God in my prayers, is that He should please keep me healthy and to please save me for a very long life, I want to see my daughter make matric, go to university,etc. I think that is any mother's prayer.
I think of myself as quite healthy person, don't go to the doctor often,until today. . .
It started last weekend, my tongue was feeling funny, like when you had something to hot to eat.
It carried on,even my  taste buds were not functionally as usual.
So, this weekend on Saturday  morning, i woke up with a numb feeling around my mouth, as the day continued, hubby told me that my one eye was drooping{i had a headache and blamed it on that}
Sunday was even worse, I could not role my lips to put my lipstick on or even open my  mouth properly.
I started to worry now.  I had a aneurysm a few years ago, but got treatment,I thought maybe it made a comeback.
Went to the doctor this morning.
I was diagnosed with Bell Palsy syndrome!!
He sent me for a CT scan, although it came back clear,they need to do a MRI scan to exclude the possibility of a aneurysm.
He gave me a script for some cortisone pills, a high dosis actually!! It is the only thing that treats this thing.
Went to Google Bells, now that is scary!!
First when the doctor told me that it was that, i felt relieved that it was not a A.
BUT, when you go read up on Bells, and the causes, you feel a bit different.
I took my first 12 tablets today!!
Hope and pray that I will feel a difference soon!!!

Please add me to your prayers.


  1. You must be quite worried, Tania......googling can make it sound worse sometimes tho.
    I will definitely be praying for you, so try to leave it in His hands......I know that's easier said than done, but panicking won't help one bit either.

  2. O no! How scary for you. Will add you to my prayer list immediately. I have learnt that when you are sick you should stay as far away from 'mr. Google' as you can, the stupid man seems to take pride in scaring the living daylights out of people. And what does 'mr. Google' know after all, he is NOT in control.

  3. You are in my dear, dear friend. Remember that ultimately the Lord is in control...and He works all things to the good of those who love Him.


  4. Woah Tania - I haven't Googled it but remember that Google always gives so much information it can be overwhelming. I would try to see a specialist though. You are young & very healthy what with all your spinning - your immune system should be firing on all cylinders. I wish I had seen a dietician earlier about my weight gain because she diagnosed my problem in an hour & my doctor had been faffing around for 3 years watching me get fatter. So I do think that 2nd opinions are a great idea. Do hope you are not feeling sick with it too. Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

  5. O girl ! So glad you are already in treatment for this ! Praying for your speedy recovery from this !!! & I hope the snail mail you receive this week will perk you up ! should be any day now .

    (((((((big , big hugs)))))

  6. I cant believe what I'm reading...oh my word can you see how quickly things can go wrong no matter how well we look after ourselves.
    Cortisone is a horrible pill but it works, I went on 3 days of 1000mg via injection drip, and felt the effects, then for the next 12 days they brought the dosage down.
    I was miserable, got pimples and my skin felt and looked funny...but it fixes the problems.
    I'm praying this is just a passing phase for you and that the you will be your well self again soon. Keep us updated please...Prayers and good thoughts to you from me.