Monday, July 6, 2009

I am struggling

Hi you all,

I am really struggling to add my only,latest photo on my blog, between broken url's and corrupt files, I do not know anymore!!
Anyway, here I am, with a added photo and not a profile photo, does it really matter??
Been a bit busy today, washing,cleaning, picking up Megan all the not so nice thingies, except for picking up Megan, she has been visiting Margie on their farm again, and today, I feel, I want her back now, at least for this week. Then they can visit again.
Some of my friends and family will identify me with the following, pre-occupied mind, multi-tasking, unorganised, forgetfull, all those things that is perfectly the opposite of PERFECTIONIST!!!!
Yesterday, was a typical example of all of that, we went to Pilanesberg again. . . .
With all the picnic goodies included by Andre, of course and then the most important of all, my camera, Nikon D80, 500mm lense, on my lap, waiting for some pictures to take and as I pushed the Click button . . . . . . NO BATTERY!! I left it in the charger. Can you believe it?
But that is ME.
Today, is a new day and I am starting to get organised AGAIN, trying to get rid of all this bad habits of mine, keeping things together, not putting it down, but putting it AWAY!

But I guess, I am only Human. . . .

Enjoy your Day
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  1. great new photo! i understand a lot of what you're saying. i'm very organized in a lot of ways. but i'm also very forgetful, i lack focus, i do leave things all over, etc. at some point though, it all works out. good luck!