Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pet Paradise

Hi you all,
Having a nice weekend? We are watching a bit of rugby, doing this and that. . .
I made these layouts a while back, of my two dogs, Lizzy,the lady and Grumpy the pikenese.

I like using Bo Bunny products and these stickersheets just worked very well. Lizzy is a real lady, so I enjoyed using all the pinks.

I also just love flowers a lot, like using them everywhere. Grumpy is a very lazy little dog, very nice taking pictures of him,for he is always in good position. . .

The journaling of the blue and orange layouts are in Afrikaans, some of you might not understand,but I am from South Africa, and Afrikaans is one of our official languages.

Currently, I am busy doing a very large frame for a customer, plenty of pictures of her daughter and her horse, will share soon. . .
Well, another weekend is almost gone, enjoy the rest of it. . .

Posted by PicasaTo my dogs: How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways... author unknown
1. I love thee agreeably - enough to let your stinky dog hide on the bed after a run through damp leaves, mud and slug infested gardens.
2. I love thee steadfastly - enough to devote a year to raising you from a wobbly speck into a strong healthy adult (who promptly attempts to seize control).
3. I love thee passionately - despite your repeated efforts to probe my ears, eyes and mouth with the same tongue you use for various other atrocities.
4. I love thee well - despite the amazing odors you produce.
5. I love thee deeply - though you use me as a napkin at every opportunity.
6. I love thee madly - despite the various bodily functions you have performed at inappropriate moments - in inappropriate places.
7. I love thee constantly - despite the dog "bladder curfew" I have lived by for many years.
8. I love thee truly - despite the "doggie land mines" hidden in the grass.
9. I love thee absolutely - because you never (well, hardly ever) hog the remote control.
10. I love thee gratefully - because you stay by my side (or on my side).
11. I love thee devotedly - more than clean carpeting, clothing, furniture, floors or walls.
12. I love thee bravely - enough to battle the indomitable flea and tick on your behalf.
13. I love thee monetarily - enough to put the vet's children through college.
14. I love thee openly - I will bear any embarrassment for your furry sake.
15. I love thee totally -more than free time, excess cash or a predictable life.

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