Thursday, July 30, 2009

Up very early. . .

Good morning, I got up very early this morning, at about 2:50am, must be the extra vitamins that I am taking, don't know.
Wanted to post my blog then, but could not find my modem, had it in my hand, did something else and then totally misplaced it.
So I am all ready for my spinning class this morning, spinning? No, no, no, not spinning yarn or cotton, pedaling a bike until the sweat is literally dripping on the floor, 45 minutes long!! We are a nice group of ladies exercising in the mornings, I really enjoy their company.
Tomorow, Thania, the owner of Wings Spinning and my Very very best friend, is hosting a duothlon, consisting of 4.4km running, half hour of spinning and then 2.2km of running again, this is to raise money for a local ladies netballteam. Megan and I are thinking of entering, depending on the weather, we are expecting some rain, then she will do the running and I will do the spinning part.
I took this picture this morning of this layout that I made a while ago, on Megan's first school dance;) I struggled a bit with the light, but it is ok, I hope? I printed the headings on the computer and this was my first attempt at doodling. . .
And the added bling is that real cheap blingies at the local craft shop:)
She is really growing up so quickly now, only 3 and a half years left at school:(
This weekend her friends will be visiting here at our home, I am really happy to have them all here.
I bought a little poem book a while ago,everything you ever wish to tell your daughter, but don't always have the words to describe. . .i chose this one to share with you:

Daughter. . .
If ever you need to talk,
to share a laugh,
a dream, a smile;
to be comforted
or reassured,
to be understood. . .

my shoulder is there
for your head,
your secrets are safe
and my door
is always open.

Ronda Scott

Have a very nice day:)

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  1. What a pretty layout! You must be exhausted getting up in the middle of the night & then exercising like that! Hope you caught up on your sleep ;-D