Monday, July 27, 2009

Now this is real"PIGGITAILS"

Hi everybody!

Megan went to visit her friend Margie on the farm again, they paid a visit to the pigs:)
The two of them took great pictures, cant wait to print and SCRAP!!

Today is BLUE Monday, cleaning, ironing,organising, all the not so nice little thingies!!

I promised Andre to bake him a bread, can you believe, he wants the real Boerebrood thing, heavy white bread with big holes on the inside.

I am busy organising all my magazines, keeping the good ones and out with the not so good ones, filing the recipes and anything that is worth keeping.

My dad is out of hospital, everything going well, my mom is playing the good nurse now:)

Anyway, off I go, to the oven!!

Have a nice day, will share my recipe tomorrow. . .if it is to be a success of course!!

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