Thursday, July 23, 2009

You are a STAR!!

The cross country season has started, the first league was held yesterday in Brits, at a nearby resort. It has been a while since Megan ran in a competition, she was not quite sure what to expect. Junior boys and girls run together, it is a 4km route and it was quite a rough territory. This is at the start, the route gets explained to them.
The route was marked of on 2km, so they run it twice.

She did very well, here she is on her first lap.

And then the final lap, she ran in front of the girls the whole time, then a girl passed her, but she managed to pass her again and finally she made it to come in FIRST!! I am so proud of you Megan!!

It has been a busy week, my dad is in hospital for a back operation, but he is doing well and can expect to come home by the weekend.

Hope that everybody is doing well!!

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