Monday, August 17, 2009

Everybody is complaining about. . .

I went through a few blogs yesterday and it was so funny how many of our ladies are complaining about WEIGHT!!! To tell the truth, I am also one of them, but I try to exercise hard, so that I can also indulge in the nice thingies and treats:) But then again, when we complain about a few pounds, we should actually let it go, be happy with ourselves and just see that we are healthy?? How about that?? Sounds to quirky??Ha ha, no I really love to eat and i have a very sweettooth. . .like sweets, not choclates, toffees, mini jelly eggs are my favourite, yum yum. . . and then of course our ultimate treat on a Friday morning after spinning is RED LATe, with. . .

Bacon and Mushroom Quiche, that is lovely and over weekends I like to bake pudding, yummie.

Ok, enough about that.

Yesterday Helen made me feel so guilty. . Why?? We never or hardly ever scrap our hubbies, so what about we go off and go make a nice little layout of the ones we so often forget about.

Ok ladies, off you go!!!

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  1. I know! I made myself feel guilty about that too...but we really are shameful...considering that without them we would not have the means to be creative at all! As for the weight that is a sore point for me, I never seem to make much progress there! IF I could afford it I sould definitely have a gastric band fitted to shrink my appetite because I hate to starve & that is the only thing that works for me ;-(