Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Friends in a JIFFY

Good morning everybody, made these layouts last night, went to bed very late, wanting to finish it.

The past few weeks i had a rediscovery about scrap booking. I started following a few blogs a while back, but never left any comments, because I thought i do not know these people, love what they are doing though. Recently i started to leave some comments, started my own blog too and guess what? I am starting to make new friends all over the world, I still speak to myself on my blog, but now I know it will get better.

I hardly ever attend classes, for different reasons, money wise it is sometimes not worth it, other times, I don't like the specific style of the teacher and then I do not always have the time, so I scrap by myself most of the times.

So, I discovered this blog, called SCRAP ADDICT, hi Helen, I am so glad I met this lady, also did not know her, but in a blink she made me part of what she enjoys doing and that is scrap booking. She shares what she does and knows with everybody!! Also, she designs for a shop in Durban. Thank You Helen.

Then there is another lady, she actually inspired me to really take control of organizing. . . her name is Laura Vegas, from California, designer for Making Memories, published in many magazines, does very pretty layouts,thanks Laura:)

What involves my scrap booking is that I used to wreck my brain to get a layout together, took me forever, I don't like things to look the same every time, that is also something of the past, I NEVER made use of sketches and what a blessing, I can do 2-3 layouts a day now and actually feel unstoppable, just want to carry on and on., just by following a few drawings on paper and my mind can't stop thinking now, so i think I really had a scrapper's block, and a few things and people changed that for me in a very short time.

I also signed up for a online class, through the blog of Helen, looks great over at Two Peas in a Bucket:)

On another note, it is still very cold here, had rain over the weekend and they say another cold front is coming our way this weekend, but it is RUGBY again!! So I will snuggle up in front of the TV with a few snacks to stay warm. But I will talk to you before that. . .

Have a nice Day!!
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  1. Hi Tania. Helen is a absolute honey. I to have never met her but our love of scrapping has made us friends. Please feel free to pop over to my blog and have a look. I am not as organised as Helen but I am sure you will find something inspirational their. :)

  2. Oh Tania that is so sweet of you...we sound so alike...I set up my blog for all the same reasons as you & let me tell you - I have learnt more in this last 10 months than I ever did before. Leave comments - some people are not friendly & can't be bothered to answer - if so just ignore them - follow their blogs if they enrich or inspire you in some way but otherwise just stick with those who have a relationship with you. Just like in real life it is all about give & take & some people will let you down...If you look on my sidebart you will see the blogs I follow Monday - Friday & "me Maties" those people who generally follow me & visa versa - you are welcome to befriend some of them too or just add them to the blogs you like to read. Generally I don't leave comments on celeb blogs (like Laura's) because I reckon they get so many & it takes time (& I don't think they would have the time to return the favour) but of course I do occassionally - everybody likes to know that what they are saying/showing on their blogs is affecting people's lives ;-D Keep going - if you do you will soon be interacting with a whole bunch of people!isar

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