Monday, August 24, 2009

Helen's Quiz

So, it is very early, 3:55, to be exact, so i thought I should do this one. . .

Your current obsession: Following blogs and finding new ones.

Weirdest obsession: Weird, am I? Probably that I NEED to go to spinning at least twice a day!!

What are wearing: PJ's, pants has got little owls on.

What was for dinner: Sunday's leftover leg of lamb with salad.

Favourite book: Any book from Francine Rivers, got the collection.

Last thing you bought: Hmm, on Monday morning, a sachet of bioplus,really needed it!

What can you hear right now: Lizzy is snoring, she sleeps next to my bedside.

Favourite ice-cream: don't really like ice-cream, but if i must, Strawberry JIVE

Where in the world would u go if I gave you a plane ticket: Not far, Cape Town,ooh,love that place.

Which language would you like to learn: French, we had to learn a bit, when Megan went there, like it:)

Who would you like to meet right now: All scrapping friends on the net, imagine a scrap convention for blogging friends!!

Your favourite colours: Hmm, that changes a lot in clothes, but in scrapping i love bazzill's
parakeet green, it goes with everything,yes even blue!!

Favourite items of clothing: Cargo pants, any flat shoes, can't do the heels anymore!!

What size shoe are you: 6

You have 100p(can't get that pound thingie) to spend, what would you buy: I will go to Mangwanani Day spa, they are currently running a special, the friend I am taking along, will have to pay the R500 difference!!

Favourite time of day: Early mornings.

Who's style do you admire: I like to wear clothes that I feel comfortable in, but I like a sporty style, i love tracksuits and tackies, that is my style in winter anyways. Scrapbooking, there are so many these days, I like Laura, Polkadotchicks, love what they do only with plain card stock!!

I am currently following a online course of shimelle, also like that,in Afrikaans they would say I am a "draadsitter" for not really wanting to choose:)

What is my style? Hmm I also want to know, don't really have one, but i Like a LOT, as long as my layout looks neat and easy for the eye to follow and not like a school project, if you know what I mean?

What are you doing next? Waking up Megan for school and doing my first session of my weird addiction(spinning)

Favourite Film: Old ones, Pretty Woman and when a man loves a woman, new ones,7Pounds and Slum dog millionare.

Favourite fruit: Watermelon, can eat it up by myself, yes a whole one, sliced up in pieces;)

What inspires you? Other people's organization skills, I really wish I can be more organized, it is really starting to irritate me!!

What is your favourite music of the week? Kings of Leon, they are great!! But,Blackeyed Peas are also good,very good,want that new songs for spinning.

Do you have a dream job? I would love to own my own little scrapbookshop,which stocks everything we see in magazines and we can only drool about it.

What is stopping you? Money, honey.

What would you change in the world? shaw, there is a lot,I would not have the time, just things that really ticks me off!!!

Favourite animal: Dogs, but i also love my parrot:) he talks to me when I am all by myself at home.

Favourite tools: Yah, not really,hmm in the kitchen, my kenwood, very handy,scrapping it used to be my craftknife and I am ready to go, but I discoverd that the wheel they use for cutting their quilting material is a excellent cutter!!

What would your job have been in the Victorian days? Well, I enjoy bookshops a lot, can browse around for hours(husband must be at home of course) so, probably a bookshop assistant, or maybe in a library?who knows?

Almost a hour later. . .ok girlies, speak to you later!!


  1. Sjoe Tania that was a while ago now I think! Also LOVE Parakeet the most - and yes great with navy the Black Eyed Peas & Kings of Leon. Just wish I could be as fit as you! You actually FEEL like doing it - spinning - ??? I did it once & nearly died LOL!

  2. No helen, only 2 weeks of real suffering, talking about the bum now, but after that, it is worthwhile,it is good for a lot of things!!