Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning Weekend!!

First of all, SOMETHING FOR YOU!!

What a weekend!! It was nice, but we worked hard, feel like I had a gym workout, the pumping irons thing, every muscle in my body is stiff!!

Andre had the weekend off, so it started with him going along with us to Brits, about 70km's from us, where Megan had to participate in the Regional finals of the Cross-country, she made it!! She was suppose to run by 11, but only took of at 12, so guess what? We missed the rugby,so we decided that we are already halfway to Pretoria and we are going to miss the game, we might as well just go through and do our monthly shopping. When we got home, we were all too tired to unpack, so we left it all for the next day. . .

Andre got up at 4 on Sunday morning, I heard him going strong in the kitchen, shuffling the drawers and just going crazy, he was busy re-organizing all the drawers, so when I got up at 6 we watched the replay of the Springboks and then I joined him in his campaign "Spring cleaning"

I started off THE CUPBOARD, does ANYBODY have one like mine? A deep drawer, called the PLASTIC DRAWER, where there are about 150 lunchboxes, mixing bowels, small bowles for when the 3 year old's come to visit and then only about 50 LIDS? do you get the picture, total chaos. So I started by unpacking that and to fit each and every single one's lid, took stock, got a few lunchboxes missing, but the rest, ok.

Did the pots and pans cupboard too, and the groceries one, AGAIN!! Some members of my little family like putting the spices and tomato sauce in between the syrup and canned fruit,ah, I hate that, for being a person that is actually quite scattered, I hate that!! So, Andre started with the fridge, finished that, I moved around a few things in the kitchen,that is in PERFECT condition now.

Megan got up and joined the "TEAM" and started doing her ROOM, which is also in total chaos, she through out a whole rubbish bag of things, my ,my, we had a laugh, all the things that came out of there, sticker books, she made in gr3 and 4, the funniest hair things, all those GREAT MacDonald's and Wimpy toys, I know, I should have taken pictures, but I was really dirty and did not want to fiddle with my camera in between all the mess.

I brought all the washing up to date, man I can fall behind and in the end I am cross with everybody when I must do the whole mountain of washing, so that is done now. Washed the doggies blankets and even Lizzy got a bath.

Then the final mission: You see, we live right next to my mom and dad, it is 2 housed, but we took off the wall, and put in a swimming pool and lapa, so that is our only border, which is really nice at times, because at this stage they are visiting my mom's brother in Newcastle, we can keep a eye on their garden and birds, without driving,ha, ha. So, in my mom's house is this piece of furniture, which is actually mine, so yesterday I decided to reposes it, called her first of course! It is one of those cupboards where you store your sewing machines in, really heavy, so I unpacked it and Andre helped me carry it over to our place, but we had to stop and put down a few times, shaw!!

So now, I have 2 empty spots in my scrap room, machines are put away, maybe now, I will do some sewing again. . .don't know, I have been using my machine for scrapping only, lately.
I finished up by washing the floors, EVERYTHING is PERFECT!!! Finished the day off, by taking Megan to church at 6. Yes, I was bad, to work so hard on the Sunday, but I NEVER get to these things and then I have nobody to help me, but I am sure that I am not the only one.

NOW, Megan and me must just obey the rule of: DON'T PUT DOWN. . .PUT AWAY!!

Andre is still off today, the mines are on strike:(

So we will do some gardening today, plant some nice and colourful pansies and what, what.

SPRING is almost here, ONE DAY TO GO!!

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  1. Sjoe you've exhausted me with that list LOL! What a weekend...not exactly laid-back but very productive! Occassionally you NEED those kind of weekends to regain order in your life & sounds like you have done just that...WTG! I used to have the same problem with "the plastics" drawer" as you do, then I gave away all the ones we didn't regularly use so now it is a small drawer & NO-ONE is allowed to put away anything without a lid ON IT!!! If they can't match it up we have a cupboard where we put just lids or just bases then I go through it occassionally & play the matching game! Occassionally I end up throwing out containers because their lids just seem to socks in the washing's little mysteries!