Friday, August 14, 2009

Mini Book/Guest Book and Recipe

I made this mini book for a girl who is turning 21, she will be using it for her guest book on the night of her party.
Actually, i made quite a few of these books before, it is quick and very cheap, because we all have card stock and printed paper, that is all you need and a 12x 12 sheet of foamy. You can use this as a mini book, add a sticker sheet, bit of ribbon and of course you photos!!

Here is the recipe:

1. Choose your paper
2. Cut 2x card stock pages in half( album inners)
3. Score and half the 4 halves in half to form the inner pages.
4. Cut foamy in half.
5. Use the cut foamy, measure 16cm in length and cut.(to form book cover) you will be left with 2 off-cuts.
6. Use craft off cut as the spine measure 2cm gap in the middle of the craft.
7. Adhere book covers to the spine using double sided tape on scored lines.
8. Using a piercer make 5 holes, equally spaced, on the folds, through all inners.
9. Draw two lines, equally spaced on the inside of the spine.
10. On each line, place stack and pierce holes through spine.
11. Use floss or embroidery thread to "stitch" your inners to the spine and tie your knot on the outside of the spine.
12. You can also cut in a window on the front cover, in there you can put a embellishment.(i did not do it on this one)
13. Use the printed paper to cover the front cover. The paper will be too short to cover the back as well, so only half of the back will be covered.
14. Cover the left over back with a piece of card stock, overlapping the printed paper...

There you go, your book is assembled, you can add-on metal corners on the corners of your book, for added detail, I could not find any.
Like I said, you can add so many things, tabs, flowers, ribbon, just dig into your stash!!
Nice and very cost-effective gift, ALL HANDMADE.

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  1. Gorgeous work and thanks for the recipe! Definitely plan on printing this one out...well done & thank you ;-D