Monday, August 17, 2009

My addictions. . .and thingies i have never used

Hallo Everybody!!

Hope you had a very nice weekend, I was a bit ill, but are on the go again:)
These, are my addictions, scrapbook flowers, blooms, blossoms, whatever you want to call them, but I am crazy about flowers, can't stop buying them, I have jars filled with them, that container on top is filled with them. Then I have a addiction on magazines, any mag is a bargain, until about a month ago. . . .
I quit, yes I quit buying magazines,not all of them, just some of them, because I just don't have the space to store them anymore, I have little heaps allover, next to my bed, next to my chair, on the dining room table, everywhere, so I started sorting them, all of them except for my scrapping magazines, how can one throw those ones away???
But what I have done is to subscribe to a few e-zines, you get your monthly magazine by internet, you can browse whenever you want, print, whatever you want and you don't have books allover, and the price is good too:)

Then. . . .I bought this tool set a while ago, actually a VERY long time ago, this grommet tool, with plenty of grommets to go along with it, BUT, I have NEVER used it!!
This might sound stupid, but I don't really know how to use it, any MAKING MEMORIES fans out there?? So, what are your addictions???
Let me know!!!

Have a nice day!!
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  1. Scrapbooking and scrapbooking and scrapbooking and supplies........OMW I have way to much and feel like I will never ever get through it all. :)

  2. Oh come on Bernie sure you will! ;-D I went through a stage when I was bonkers for flowers so still have tonnes of them but for me I'm over that craze now...although I will still use them & do a Bloom page every so often...but find my style has settled on something less traditionally pretty now. I also went through a real bling phase but that is over now too, although I still like a bitta bling occasionally. I just seem to be getting simpler & simpler when it comes to embellishments now. I am a real ribbon junkie though & don't think that will ever change! As for the grommets, I never bought that set as I remember thinking it was quite expensive & I didn't think that trend was set to last. I think you just use it similar to your eyelet setting tool as grommets are basically just eyelets. If you e mailed Making Memories (they are on my blog roll) they will let you know. They do reply as I have done it before! You must use them up! They can look very effective...particularly if your style is very clean cut & graphic.