Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wild and Wacky Wednesday

This layout I made for a competition, this was also the first introduction to sketches, they give you the sketch and you must do the layout according to that, it was a single page and i also struggle with that, I like the doubles, but here it is and no I did not win;) I will have to keep trying, nice prices up for graps at the scrapbookfactory in cape town, ooh I love Cape town, just the thought of that place makes me dreaming. . . .

Today is hectic, cleaning, ironing( i hate the ironing part:( )
Megan is running again this afternoon, must get her things together make sure I have lunch ready and then off we go to a neighbouring school, just a few blocks away, I wish her all the best. . . Go MEGAN!!!!

Had a spinning class this morning, lot of ladies turned up and we gave it our all!! Keep it up girls, summer is around the corner;)

anyways, off I go, see later;)

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  1. You really are on a scrapping roll - you will notive on the internet that there are so many singles & I prefer them now - so much quicker & easier & no need for tons of photos. Do you have a bio/profile/About me somewhere on your blog? Would be nice to read it up but can't find one...You can set one up in Blogger, either Settings or Layout (add a gadget) can't remember ;-D

  2. Hi Tania! Just had to drop by and say thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog! Love the bright colors you've used here too :) And yep, ick ironing - my most loathed of chores, lol.