Friday, January 15, 2010

Searching. . .{now i am hosting mini competition}

I am looking, searching, cannot find it!!!
This new year has come without it!!
One cannot buy it!!
So, I am in search of REAL inspiration to start scrapping up a storm!! I have tons of nice things to use, 4 kits from Helen, not even touched and a lot more!!!{don't get me wrong, I have plenty of photo's too,but I need a kick start} So I thought of this:

Would you sent me 3 of your cutest, most breathtaking photos??
I will get Megan to choose the {winning} ones and I want to scrap them for YOU!!PLEEEEEAAAASE!!!

Enjoy the weekend!!
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  1. I must send you 3 photo's do I read u right??

    thanks for the email...will give that one a try, does look very LEKKER indeed...:)

  2. O what a fun challenge to set up , Tania !

    I just might emulate this challenge on my blog if you dont mind , sometime this year !

  3. Here's my 3 funny/cute pics:

    (please note that his hand is covering his "personals" as he calls so I hope it's not risky for ya. In this house, all's fair in love and scrappin :D )

  4. OK - i have a few that i don't think you (or Megan)will be able to resist. And i've lost my mojo but these so need to be scrapped!

  5. If you find your mojo let me know asap because mine may be hanging out with yours! I don't even have enough mojo left to even FIND 3 cute photos lol!