Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From my corner of the world

Hey you all!

Did you know, that we are also hosting some of the World Cup Soccer Games??

Yes, we old, little Rustenburg, in the North West are hosting some of those games and here is our stadium, the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, close to Sun City.

And, best of all, it was built looooong before our country even started bidding for the World Cup.

This stadium belongs to the King of one of the tribes here, he also recently bought the whole road, passing this stadium, they are upgrading it as we speak.

Ok, this is a waterfall, running into Buffelspoortdam, also close to us, about,15km.

Beautiful, is it not??

Then, we also have some historical monuments in our town, this is the Paul Kruger monument.

BUT, if you look real close, he is suppose to be reading the Bible, but some person, STOLE it from his lap!!

Ag nee, can you believe it??

And this, this is what we are known for!!


Lots of mines in our surroundings, this province produces a few thousand of tons of platinum.

Thanks for letting me share this bit of information!

Have a nice day!


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  1. Hi Tania. Thanks for sharing those interesting facts... It's so nice to learn more about one's own country. So often we focus on the outside world and forget about the treasures in our own beautiful country!

  2. Hi Tania !

    Thanks for your blog visit ! Nice to know you too !

    We sure are looking forward to watching this year's World Cup ( altho'I'm not sure how our time difference works out ! ) These pics are great ! TFS !!!

  3. oh that's interesting! LOVE the waterfall, you lucky to have it so close.
    nice pics

  4. Scary how little we know about our own country.

  5. Great to see some landmarks of your corner - and yes, I can believe they stole the bible! If they could carry him off too they would...