Monday, January 18, 2010

Still growing{and making me proud}

Well, school has started, all is back to "normal" again. For the whole of December i had this girl for myself, we had such good times and had just grown closer to each other, I now miss her so much during the day,even though she is is just 1km away from me.
Of course, as always, school has not started without some interesting happenings. . .Megan found out that her best friend is two timing her and spreading some serious bad rumours about her. I was furious when I heard this, really, we treated that girl as one of our own. When I asked Megan what she is going to do about it, {because usually she would burst out in anger}she just replied: "I know and God knows the truth and I am not going to spoil my year by trying to undo her sayings and doings" Good for you girl!! I am telling you that you are a far better person than me.
After 3 weeks back in training she is really doing GREAT!! Last week, when she got into the car after practice, she said to me: "you know what?? i now know, that when you put your mind to something and when your really believe in yourself, you can do anything", I promise you, I got goosebumps, I could not believe that it was my little Megs talking like that, a few months ago still, I had to boost her confidence, now, she is doing it herself and even for me:) I really think in a month's time she has grown and walked a spiritual journey, without us knowing and now it is showing, because it seems that there is a certain glow in her, when I look at her. I love her sooo much:)
Friday it is the school's "house"athletics, she will be doing the 800m,3000m{a item she said she would NEVER do}and then the 100m, just for FUN!
This year is going to be tough, it is also the first year for them to choose their subjects, she is taking: Afrikaans, English,Maths,Accountancy, Science, Biology and Art and design, there is another one, but I can not get the name in English!LOL!!
OH!!And this year is Sweet Sixteen for her too!!:) I will be in need of some ideas:)

Have a nice day!
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  1. She beautiful and has an amazing wisdom for her age.
    Can imagine how proud you are of her.

  2. A very wise young lady, you have a lot to be proud of.

    Girls can be so bitchy...I still struggle to understand them:)

  3. I am so happy for you but feel sad for me! My daughter was the same a year ago (at Megan's age) but now would be with her boyfriend 24/7 if we allowed it & I have been ENJOY it while you have it {hope it will be for longer than me!}