Sunday, January 31, 2010

Layouts for friends and this week

I finished these layouts for Shayne and Marcelle.
The first one is of Shayne's daughter,Olivia,enjoying her mealie:)
I loved working with these reds and yellows and greens.

Then, this one of Marcelle's granddaughter,loved the close-up shots and the focus on her eyes.
I am sure, the title will carry the approval of that grandmother:)

I decided to do the third photo of Marcelle separate, for this is such a beautiful family picture.
Also used very soft colours for this layout, made it simple, so that the focus stays on the photo.
The two of you, I hope you like these, I enjoyed working with these photos very much, thank you very much for sending them.
Marcelle,you can let me know, whether I should send yours to Germany or to Cape Town, since you are visiting there, up to you:)

This passed week:
Wednesday morning at about 1:15 two of my husband's colleagues were in a head-on collusion on the N4 to Rustenburg, the one guy, Max, aged 27 died on the scene. The other two people in a Police vehcile, also died. The passenger in Max's car is in hospital. My husband was on the scene of the accident, he was in shock for the whole of this week, he had to take the wife and her mother to this terrible scene.

The school went to a athletics event in Pretoria on Friday, Megan did very good and ran her best 800m time for the season,so far.
They only arrived back at the school at 11:45 on Friday evening, the next day they had to compete in a North West event, she came first in the 800m and second in the 1500m. I was worried about her foot and that she might suffer from fatigue, after the previous night's late event,but she did so well:)

We invited my parents in law for lunch today, had a nice time,having everybody together.
Watched some tennis, sooo happy that Rodger Federer did it again!!

I am still planning to go and do some organizing in my scrap room, tonight still.
I am also thinking to increase my spinning classes to 3 a day again, picked a bit of weight, I really do not want to start the year like this;) But I seem to have a lack of energy, don't know where it is coming from?

Hubby is having a bit of stress lately, I don't always know how to handle things when he is in stress?? I am not really the type of person that stresses,so it is hard for me. I always try to see the bright side of things, where he is more realistic, always looking at the facts.

Wednesday we will be going to the funeral of Max, funerals is always hard for me. Even though I did not know him so well, I feel so sad for his young wife and his family. I have only lost grandmothers and grandfathers, I was still very young and they were very old, so I have not yet lost anybody really close to me, I don't know what I would do if that were to happen to me( i know, that some day it will)but it is a very hard and sad topic for me.

Anyways, I hope you are having a nice evening and that you will have a SUPER week:)
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    Oh how fantastic...I am so excited, I am soooooooooo excited.

    I think you can post them to CT....I will email you the address to send them to as I leave here in 20 days...and would love my son and daughter in law to see them as well..of course my family as its too precious.

    I'm so sorry to hear the hard time hubby is going through, but its to be expected...this would stress and upset anyone..
    Love him through this time and try not take it personally if he gets upset with you as he has no one else but you to share his emotions with...I know its hard..oh boy do I know....


  2. love the LOs.
    sorry for the awful loss, wishing your hubby some of God's strength to get through this tough time.
    well done to your daughter.

  3. Your layouts are gorgeous... I'm sure the ladies will absolutely love them! Well done.

    I feel for you with the last week that you've had... not an easy one. Hope this one is not too bad with the funeral too. Thinking of you.

  4. Wow Tania you have outdone yourself on those layouts - they are all fantastic & I'm sure Shane will also be delighted with hers ;-D So sorry you are stressing a bit - 3 times a DAY for spinning???!!! I can't even manage 3 times a WEEK lol...Glad Megs is back on track {scuze the pun!} & I agree funerals are depressing...I have also only been to a couple & I hate the thought of having to go to one of someone close to me - would want to jump in the coffin with them & be done with it!

  5. You have created some absolutely beautiful Lo's.
    I trust that your mojo is back and flowing in full force.
    Sorry about the losses you and yours have felt this past week, that is a terribly sad part of life on earth.

  6. Oh thank you Tania, it is absolutely gorgeous. THank you so so much.

    So sorry to hear about the losses your family has suffered the past week, so horrible to have to deal with death.

    Thank you again.

  7. Love your layouts!!! They're beautiful. I'm sure the ladies will be delighted... I'm sorry you're having a tough time...... Will be thinking of you!!!!

  8. Your layouts are gorgeous!

    So sorry about the loss you suffered.