Monday, January 11, 2010

We got her this. . .

Yesterday, we went shopping for school things in Pretoria.
We were also looking for some clothes for Megan to practise in, she can never have enough!!
So, we stumbled upon these. . .
Nike, Rival, middle distance spikes.
It was truly love at first sight for her.
She just had to have them.
I looked at Hubby and he looked at me, I just pulled up my shoulders, I mean, he is after all, carrying the wallet.LOL!!
Her other ones are actually brand new, but too small.
We finished our other shopping at Makro, i just love shopping there, but the bad thing is, that you also end up buying "other" things, things we do not really need.

Hubby went to Outdoor Warehouse, he just had to get some fishing thingies, thingies that looks like scrap booking stuff to me!!LOL!!
Little fish, some has even got feathers on,actually too cute,whatever the need for them. . .

Otherwise, hubby is a bit sick, he has the flu, actually quite bad, so it is me in front of the stove tonight:(
He usually does the cooking, i enjoy it very much, he even does the dishes;)

Two more sleepies, then it is back to school for Megan, I WILL miss her a LOT!!
This whole holiday she has only gone to friends twice, the rest of the time she was with me, she helped me a lot in and around the house, i must say.(She even vacuumed!!! And swallowed a comb in the process!!LOL!!)
We bought all her things, except for covering paper, cant seem to find any nice ones. Then, she is still deciding, whether she wants to take Art and Design as a extra subject, then i need to get those thingies for her.

Ok, it is off to the kitchen, i think i am only dishing up a nice BIG chicken salad,how about that??

Enjoy your evening!!
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  1. He usually does the cooking, i enjoy it very much, he even does the dishes;)

    You are a lucky girl.