Sunday, January 24, 2010

She is up and Running

Thought I'd share these photos with you.
Megan ran her first league yesterday, at our stadium, it is the North West North athletic trails.
In these photos she is running the 800m.
She made it through to the next round in the 800m and the 400m events.
She did not enjoy running with her new shoes,though.
She is use to running with bare feet,so it made it a bit difficult.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Wow she looks professional as well.
    I suppose running with shoes is going to take some time to get used Zola back in the days!!
    Wishing her luck.

    I never took the photo's of my grandkids, will when I'm there, they pics that have been sent to me this using them on my blog as havent taken my camera out for a while.

    I want to do a post on winning this price...will do it on look out for it, will link to the photo's on your blog - thanks, am so excited...

  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well.

  3. Love these action shots Tania...your love for your daughter shines through in your blog posts.