Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Guilty Pleasures

After reading Lynette and Shayne's blogs today, I saw that they revealed some of their guilty pleasures. . .

I thought that I should play along; ) so what is a guilty pleasure??

We seem to use this phrase a lot these days. It's an odd one if you think about it, since "guilt" really means a sense or awareness of doing wrong, whereas "pleasure" means a sensation of happiness, enjoyment etc.We tend to use the phrase a bit jokingly, to talk about quite trivial things. For instance, someone who is on a strict diet
might feel a guilty pleasure in eating a big cake: pleasure in eating the cake, but guilty because she (it's usually a she in this case) has not been strict with herself and stuck to her regime - she feels she's been weak.Some religious communities such as the 17th century Puritans have come close to saying that almost all pleasure is guilty - if you're enjoying yourself too much, then your mind is on earth and not heaven. However, not many people would go as far as that.

Ok, just a little something i got to describe a guilty pleasure. With no further ado,here is mine:


Anything, that is, should it be grocery shopping, shoe shopping, or just bread and milk at the Kwikshop, I LOVE SHOPPING.


I LOVE my Spinning classes, in the mornings there is actually nothing to feel guilty about, because it is in my own time, but I need to do at least 2 classes a day, so in the afternoons, when hubby is back from work, I really do feel guilty to leave him alone for that hour, he loves spending time with us in the afternoons.


I think most of us, following each other's blog,enjoys this pleasure, because we seem to have the same interests at heart:)

I don't need to shop at these lovely shops, just to walk around in them seeing what they do, what they create and sell. So whenever we decide to go away somewhere, I go on the Internet, to seek different shops in that particular area, i then go and add their addresses in the GPS, so when we reach our destination, i just press the button for hubby and then he must take me there.LOL!! He knows by now, that at some stage, where ever, we WILL visit a Scrap booking shop.


I keep making these fake promises to myself, actually just putting pressure on myself in NOT buying them anymore, but I cannot stop, I buy a lot of magazines.

I buy the following:

Shape, Womans Health(new), Sarie, Rooi Rose, Ideas, Garden and Home, Food and Home,Fitness, Scrapbooking Memories, Scrapping en Kie, I subscribe on ScrapbookTrends, Finesse and whenever a cover attracts my attention, i buy it!!


Well,this is where i met you all,hey??

I love it, just reading and reading and seeing what other people have to say and yes Lynette, I also watch the gate, then i just push the computer under the table, next to where I usually sit.LOL!! I am waiting for the day, when he will walks in and then pick it up, then he would feel that it is actually overheating!!LOL!!

Creme Brule and Sweets

I must admit, I DO NOT like chocolates. Ok, it might sound weird, but no, i do not eat a lot of that, BUT sweets, like Jelly Babies, Fizzers, Jelly Eggs, those i like and I do eat sweets everyday!!! And by now, you know that I LOVE Creme Brule,whether it is homemade or bought at Woolies, I do indulge in that sometimes:)

So there it is,MY GUILTY PLEASURES!!



  1. Like your list Tania - nothing to feel guilty about really though. Wish I could become addicted to spinning. :)

  2. I can so relate to your pleasures.

    I used to teach spinning for Virgin Active when I lived in CT, don't miss it now that I'm in Germany.
    Love love magazines and am addicted to them, buy German ones that I cant read.
    I love blogging as well...5 years and I'm totally hooked.
    I love chocolate lately..

  3. Goodness I think we have a lot in common! Those are my guilty pleasures too! Spinning comes pretty close to eating sweets and pastries. Although here we call it RPM or cycling.

  4. Thanks for sharing this - gosh I wish i could become addicted to spinning!

    I love sweeties too - especially Woolies Jelly Babies and the rolls of wine gums. YUM!

  5. Loved your list! I have been out of the loop for weeks now with my broken pc but may list mine too! For me it is online shopping - then my feet don't get so sore lol! As for spinning I did that once & was still spinning days later!!!