Monday, July 12, 2010

All About Me Monday

After long pondering, I decided to join Marcelle on some of her blog topics.
I have been struggling to commit to everyday blogging, because of a loss of inspiration, but these topics gives you a sense of commitment and it actually forces you to talk about yourself.  I always enjoy reading her Monday topic.
Today, it is very cold here. . .
I had to drag myself out of bed to go to a Spinning session this morning.
We did a moderate 45min class,after that i did a 20 min power walk on the treadmill.
I also pampered myself today with one of my own facials, always just do the washie thing and forget all about the rest.
I also started my first sunbed tanning session, after that, I basically washed myself in body lotion, not to have a dry skin afterwards.
Shame, Megan took this picture of me, while I was playing with my camera outside this morning.
I just love my tracksuits, I feel so comfortable in them, BUT I picked up weight and this winter I find it so very hard to exercise and I need to!! I am also not very tall, so when I pick up, you can see it for sure!
Hubby loves cooking and that also makes it so hard to keep to a diet, I feel so bad when I have to say "NO" to what he dished up!
Tonight he wants to make "Roosterkoeke"{ we have a small portable in house braai}, so how the heck must I keep the weight down???
Anyway, YOU must enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Just got back from the it was hot out there...loving this summer to be honest.
    NOW..WELCOME TO THE NEW BLOG POST..All about me is a fun post to do, at least once a week I know its OK to write about myself....and not feel vain ~ so pleased you joined...YOU LOOK GREAT..START SNAPPING THE NEXT LOT OF PICS FOR NEXT WEEK!!!

  2. Awesome post.
    Love the photo of you too.
    I think I'd love to play along as well.
    Next you need to do the 12 photos on the 12 th of every month.
    Bit late notice for today though hey?

  3. my hubby made 2 apple crumble pies after supper (which was macaroni cheese with russians).....also can't say no to his yummy creations!
    at least you keep active, so you don't have to worry about your health.

  4. LOVED hearing all about you for a change! You look lovely to me in your snazzy tracksuit & yes, of course I would love to join you in the photo thingie - just send me my assignment or however it works lol!! Think everyone is probably sick of hearing about me after my loooooooong post on Friday {???} but think I will start the All About Me next Monday. Not easy for me to write about myself but easy to write about my family, so will have to think of things just about me. Does sound vain though - but I know you are not like that - so I will also give it a go ;-D

  5. Loved reading this post about you. I also struggle in winter as it's too cold to walk - but i think you look great! So don't panic too much. ANd yes, my hubby too makes delish pastas that I just cannot resist - we're in a very similar boat i think!