Thursday, July 29, 2010

Team Up Thursday{fairytale}

Helen said about my topic for the week, that she was nervous and thought that she could NOT do it.
Her model was not very willing, but eventually got into it!
I think the end result was perfect.
Me, on the other hand, also had a model,not showing up, I decided to photograph this castle, just outside Rustenburg.
This could be perfect for any prince and princess.
It is called the Eben Haeser Castle.
It was build and finished and now for sale.
It was also featured on Carte Blance the other day. The selling price is millions.
I also changed the photo to sepia, seeing it is winter and all the grass are dried there is not colour around it at the moment.
Thanks for stopping by and having a look!


  1. Stunning shots and a stunning theme, don't think the fact that your model didn't pitch left you too much in the lurch, that castle is PERFECT!

  2. Oh wow that is a hard theme....well done to you both for getting something to fit...I would have struggled and not thought of a castle to be honest...
    So very impressed.
    Well done Team

  3. It looks amazing! HOpe someone buys it & does it justice! Now I am trying to think up a theme that will really fox you lol...tell me, how do you get the 2 little photos side by side? I like that & would like to do it too!!