Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Ok} so I love her too!!

I know you probably going to say: "Only her mother could love her", but really I do!!
She is the sweetest thing. I could just kiss, kiss, kiss her on that snout!!LOL!!
I caught her, while having a snooze in the sun.
They breed {sharpeis} to be fighter dogs, but she is everything but a fighter dog:)
Loving and kind, that is Lizzy. She is now 4 years old, got her as a puppy,I nursed her to be a very soft hearted doggie.

I love how she wags her tail, when you ask her, whether she wants food.
I love how she rests her head on my leg, while I am typing on the computer.
I love how she obeys, when I tell her to go to bed.
What I adore the most, I can leave home for only 10 minutes and she is {overthemoonexcited} to see me, picks up,whatever is lying around and brings it to me!

She loves it when Megan makes her some Marie Biscuits with Marshmallows,{yummy}
She loves it when I tuck her into bed at night.
She loves it when hubby treats her with a big bowl of saucy leftovers:)


  1. og, I love them too. That face! Too sweet for words. I have to admit i'm not wild about their licky purple tongue tho!

  2. what a cutie !!!!!!!!!
    I wanted a dog but know its so much work,....here in Germany you have to walk the dogs 2x a day in all seasons..that puts me off.

  3. She is a beautiful doggy...you need to do a layout with that as the journaling!

  4. Delighted to see that I am not the only one who deeply loves a four-legged creature.
    Give her a love for me, I miss mine so.

  5. We have had two Sharpei's. The male, Smokey had to be put down this year as he was having problems with getting up and lying down. Nala is also four now and she has the most lovely personality. I also totally love her.