Friday, July 23, 2010

Let's talk about. . .{ lemons}

In my backyard, I have this very humble Lemon Tree.  You see, I call it {humble}because really, it just goes on by itself, I do not have much of a garden at the back, seeing that it is a bit small, but I am planning to change it soon:)
So I saw this tree of mine is actually carrying beautiful fruit. It made me think of lemons. . .
Have you noticed how they pack lemons in the stores? Without a green leave left, in a white holder, wrapped in plastic, how untasteful?? I think we really underestimate the lemon, with it's beautiful shining yellow and rough texture.
Actually, lemons have so much uses, I mean, to add flavour to your fish, you squeeeeze a lemon,right?
Have you ever noticed the Lemon Meringue Tart of Mug and Bean, it is filled with this fruit: the lemon:)
When you have the flu, they recommend what?? Med Lemon!!
Those Tequila Poppers, will it be the same without LEMON??NO!!
And to end this discussion, I sometimes notice, in Interior decorating magazines, they zoosh up a kitchen table with a glass bowl, filled with LEMONS.
Oh and don't forget: When live hands you lemons, make delicious LEMONADE.
Have a great day!!


  1. I use lemon when i roast a chicken to keep it tender and moist...I put a lemon cut in half inside the lemon and cook at a slow heat...lovely

    I use lemon in my Gin and Bitter lemon drink as well...
    Lol ~ we sure do use lemon's!

  2. You know that is a jolly good photo! You make me laugh...a post about lemons! But you are so right & sometimes I also think of things like that...things we just take for granted day after day...yet life wouldn't be the same without them! I have lemon juice on my papaya every morning & it just wouldn't be the same without it. Then if I go out for dinner {not too often mind...} I have a Savannah Light Cider straight out of the bottle so that I can squash a couple of pieces of lemon down the bottle neck - deeeeeeeeeelicous!