Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trying it out

Hallo everybody,
Hope you had a great weekend.
At the moment, I am sitting with my laptop in front of the television, waiting for finals to start.
I am wearing a Spain shirt, they were my first choice from the start, Germany my second, they also did so very good.
I took this photo of Megan yesterday, my first attempt on a semi-manual mode, I used aperture mode, and set my F-stop on the high side to take a nice close-up.
This girl of mine, my one and only.
Within a day the school will start again, I will miss her. . .
With the holiday being so long, I thought she would hang out with her friends most of the time, but she was with me at home most of the time and I enjoyed every minute.
She is growing everyday, but I wish for her to be a bit stronger in herself, believe in herself a bit more.
She has a very soft heart and sometimes she struggles to stand up for herself.
She had a rough time the previous term and I hope and pray that this has past.
Meggie, I LOVE YOU!X


  1. What a lovely tribute & a great photo! You did really well there & she is such a looker...

  2. We sure will miss the World Cup fever huh ?! we stayed up here from 2;30 am to 5 am & then DD had to go off to school at 6:15 am followed by DS at 7:15 am ! Bummer that ! & here I am all grooggy in broad daylight - needing to catch up with the beauty sleep !

    & how amazing is the "Octopus Oracle " with his 100% accuracy !!! I think that is what I'll remember most of this World Cup ! alas !

    Love this new pic of Megan & kudos for trying out the Aperture Priority mode - one of the easiest to get started with for potraits no doubt !

  3. Lovely shot of her.
    Great that she chose to be home, I enjoyed the holidays too (mostly) but am glad my brood went back today.

  4. Love the photo - really beautiful!

  5. Love the photo - very beautiful gal!!! and nice DOF [depth of field!!]

  6. beautifully taken photo of your one and only!!
    Well done and thanks for explaining how it was done.

  7. Beautiful daughter you have you know?

    Thanks for the camera tips - have loaded the page and will investigate when back from town. I need to start experimenting more with my camera.