Thursday, July 22, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Scrappy Love{sorry I am late!!}

Oops, sorry I a a bittie late, but I struggled to download this morning.
So, Helen chose our topic for this week and since we are both scrappers, we thought we should do something about this hobby we love so much.
When I thought about the photo, I knew I was going to struggle, with the indoor lighting and all, but I gave it a try. So, No, not the best picture, but it is about what I love, "SCRAPPY LOVE"
Now, for a girl who is scrapping, it goes a bit beyond that!!
Yes, it is about the paper, the glue, scissors and all, BUT as you can see, one needs some!!
So, when you are stashed up and you have it all together, the perfect photo to use,you turn on the music{enclosed cd}and away you go, on a trip, a creative trip.
Sometimes you end up having a bit of a 'block" then you need to go and make a "cuppa"
Then you look at your piece of work, wanting to change here and there and whoola!! Inspired again.
Of course your camera plays a big part of this wonderful hobby.
When you go to Mr Price Home, you don't shop for just cushions, you blatantly, look for some lovely storage!!{see the cupcake bowl}Perfect!!
That is scrappy love you girls,thanks for visiting, have a great day!!


  1. Never mind your photo - I love the journalling to this photo. So heartfelt and exactly what us scrappy goddesses go through in trying to create the perfect page!

    Well done skat!

  2. Wow Tania that is a lot of stash...well done on this challenge.


  3. Your photo captures EXACTLY what the theme says it will so WELL DONE it is perfect!

  4. Thats a stack of stuff there...
    And once again I am a lucky winner of YOUR scrapbooking work..which is brilliant.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, so much eye candy.
    Love the bird cage and the cupcakes...not too mention all that scrapping delicious-ness.
    Well done.

  6. Scrappy never dies does it lol?! You have certainly conveyed the theme brilliantly & thought of everything. I love your heartfelt journaling too...definitely see a page coming outta this ;-D

  7. ooo ! lovely stash you have there ! gotta love the birdcage !!! & you like Josh Groban too ?!!! I am a Grabonite !!! hello !!!